Give the perfect gift this Christmas

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This year give a Christmas gift with meaning and everlasting memories. Help to strengthen your connection with loved ones and create everlasting Christmas moments. A Frameo photo frame is the present that keeps on giving!

To make the most out of your Frameo this Christmas, read our tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Frameo this Christmas!

Capture the special moments

Christmas is full of magical moments that are valuable to capture and reminisce on with friends and family. Whether it is capturing the entire family together at last or your child's very first Christmas it's never something we want to miss!

Make a Frameo Christmas card

Instead of sending out Christmas cards to friends and family why not use Frameo when sending this years Christmas card? You won't have to mail the card and hope it reaches your loved one's house in time and you won't be adding to someone's enormous Christmas card collection. An electronic Frameo card can be sent instantly and has a personal touch unlike store bought cards thanks to you being featured in the card! You can also add a fun caption to the photo and even write an entire message by downloading some free 3rd party apps - we have listed some useful apps in the next section of this post.

Give your photos some Christmas spirit

Wanting to personalise your Frameo Christmas card with a message and enhance your photo, then try out these free apps!

Snapseed (Free):

This cool app gives you the ability to add filters and effects to your photos. Try using a vintage style if you want a retro feel or perhaps just sharpen up the colors. The possibilities are endless! 

You can also share the edited photo directly to the Frameo app when you are done! 

Download it here: iOS / Android

PicLab (Free):

Wanting to get creative with your card? PicLab has heaps of fun stickers that you can add to your photo. Ranging from hilarious Christmas one's to more elegant messages, pick whichever you want.

Similar to Snapseed, PicLab also lets you share the edited photo directly with the Frameo app when you are done!

Download it here: iOS / Android

Giving Frameo as a Christmas present

If you have family or friends who would really enjoy receiving these Christmas photos and any photos of your every day life then why not give them a Frameo photo frame?

You can gift it to your loved ones even with some preloaded photos! Imagine your Mum or Dad opening their gift already with your Frameo Christmas card. I am sure they would love it!

Follow this to find out where to buy a Frameo photo frame

You are ready!

Now you are ready to send some awesome Christmas photos to all your connected Frameo photo frames!

But remember - it’s not about taking perfect photos, it’s about sharing the perfect moments.

Last but not least, everyone at Jackson Frameo would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Working from Home Tips & Inspiration

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Get the essentials right first!

There’s little point in moving from a well set up office to a home office without setting it up right in the first place. Help make the move enjoyable and sustainable by making sure you have these essentials;

  • Desk
  • Ergonomic desk chair
  • Natural lighting
  • Notepad and pens
  • Noise-cancelling headphones (important for those zoom calls!)
  • Calendar
  • Coffee maker, fridge and snacks!
  • Storage for filing
  • Powerboards and power hubs
  • Plants, art and anything else that inspires and calms you

Moving to a home office can feel exciting and liberating, but it can also be overwhelming and requires more self-control, motivation and strategy than you may anticipate.

Create routine

As nice as those lovely sleep-in’s and cruisy mornings wandering from you bed to the coffee machine to your desk chair sound, they aren’t very practical or importantly, sustainable. To help shift your mind into “work mode” select a time that you would normally wake up for work and go through your motions or getting ready, having breakfast, making coffee. Choose a space in your house that is solely for work, that way when you enter that space you can consciously shift your mindset.

Keep your work in the cloud

Keeping your work in the cloud has so many benefits, from auto saving (Yah!) to live view supporting multiple people in the same document at one time. Working in the cloud most importantly means you and anyone you work with, can access it wherever you are.

Home Office Inspiration

 Small space? No problem

Need a professional executive look? 

 A space for the plant lover

The industrial minimal look

 A space for the side hustle

 A creative space for the visual worker

Shared guest bedroom and home office 

Take advantage of the roof space

Relegated to the shed? No problem
The power couple 


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