From the work site to home, our CAT® USB adapters are made rugged and guaranteed to last. Each adapter comes with a USB port caps to keep out dirt and dust while not in use. The yellow back-lit ports help with fumble-free connections in low light and in the car.

All of our adapters are equipped with Adaptech™ smart technology. This smart chip automatically detects the power requirements of your device and adjusts output accordingly. When your device reaches full battery, Adaptech™ automatically stops the flow of power, helping prolong the life of your battery.

Take it with you. Get it a little dirty. Maybe even rough it up a bit. Don't worry, these adapters are BUILT FOR IT.


  • Dual USB to DC vehicle adapter
  • 3.4A power output
  • Fast charge 1 tablet + 1 phone or 2 phones simultaneously
  • Yellow back-lit ports for fumble-free connections
  • Rugged TPE overmold
  • Adaptech™ intelligent chip prevents overcharging
  • Includes yellow silicone port caps