Connect your HDMI compatible devices to enjoy fast data transmission and crystal-clear image quality when either bingeing on your favourite TV series or gaming with your friends. The 4K Ultra HD supports the highest resolutions and refresh rates improving your gaming and viewing experience.


  • Supports 4K Ultra HD and 3D video formats
  • Ethernet channel technology to support IP enabled devices without the need for a separate cable
  • Meets Ultra HD 4K Standards
  • Gold plated connectors for maximum connectivity
  • Sleek black design to blend into the shadows
  • 1.5 Metre Cable
  • Australian Business & Support
  • Lifetime Warranty*

Main uses include:

  • Connecting your media device to your TV
  • Connecting your computer to your monitor
  • Connecting your games console to your TV / monitor
  • Connecting your media player to your projector

Tips for running HDMI cables

  • Test the cable first before running it through the wall or ceiling cavity!
  • Try not to run the cable beside a power lead as this can cause interference with the HDMI signal. 
SKU: AV1002