Raptor Surge Protectors have been designed in Australia to meet the high demands of today's electronic devices including: Gaming, TV's, Audio and Computers. The Patented Surge protection, and Fireproof MOV's built into Raptor will protect your equipment in less than 20 Nano Seconds from surges of power entering your home. The High Powered PD 30W USB-C charging port will directly charge your devices including laptops, Tablets, and Gaming accessories etc. The stylish design of Raptor makes it ideal to sit on display powering and protecting your devices, or sat in the background quietly doing its job.


  • Patented High Surge Protection (525J) with <20 Nano Second Response
  • Fireproof MOV's for Extra Protection
  • Rapid Charge PD 30W USB-C Port
  • Rapid Charge QC 30W USB-A Port
  • Master Backlit Push Button Switch
  • Surge Protection Active Light Bar Indicator
  • 2 Spaced Sockets for Bulky Adaptors
  • Extra Reach Cable (1.5 Metres)
  • Space Saving Angled Plug
  • Built in Overload Protection
  • Handy Mounting Slots on the Back
  • Australian Business & Support
  • Lifetime Warranty*